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Experienced Nationwide l Personal Injury Lawyers Advocate for You

Aggressive attorneys fight for compensation for medical mistakes and defective products

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a doctor’s error, a defective medical device or a dangerous drug, you need a capable legal professional on your side. At Capitol Legal in Washington, D.C., we understand the physical injury and emotional distress that can result from the negligence of doctors, hospital staff, and drug or device manufacturers. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we’re committed to helping injured victims in all 50 states fight for the compensation they deserve.

Personal attention from experienced litigators

Whether you’ve suffered from a doctor’s misdiagnosis, a drug that had dangerous side effects or a medical device that was defective in design or manufacture, you will find that at Capitol Legal we:

  • Use a hands-on approach — Our attorneys give personalized treatment to every client. We accurately assess the monetary value of your case, so you can have a realistic view of the potential outcome.
  • Provide aggressive advocacy — As experienced personal injury litigators, we’ve represented clients in disputes with tough opponents like pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and hospitals.
  • Negotiate settlements effectively — We fully engage with opposing counsel to argue for the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to by law, but we are prepared at all times to go to trial if a fair offer of settlement is not forthcoming.

We charge on a contingent fee basis, so that you pay us only after a successful settlement is negotiated or a verdict is won. We do not charge any fees or costs up front.

Skilled in malpractice, medical device and drug liability claims

At Capitol Legal, we concentrate our practice in holding negligent parties accountable for:

  • Medical malpractice — Doctors and hospitals make mistakes every day in diverse settings. If you or a loved one has been injured due to medical malpractice by a doctor or other health care professional, we can pursue just financial compensation.
  • Defective medical devices — Many significant injuries and additional surgeries have been caused by medical devices defective in design or manufacture. If you’ve had complications from a knee replacement, hip replacement, hernia mesh, stent or other implanted device, we can assist in determining whether the manufacturer is liable.
  • Drug liability — If you believe you have been injured by a side effect of a prescription medication, we can institute a drug liability claim against the manufacturer. We have experience in litigation over such drugs as Ablify, Invokana, Mirena, Risperdal, Xarelto, Zofran and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

Medical injuries have many forms and causes, including birth injuries and nursing home malpractice. We are experienced at helping clients litigate a wide range of personal injury suits.

Call for your free medical malpractice consultation in all 50 states

At Capitol Legal, we provide strong, accomplished legal help nationwide for those injured by doctors, hospitals, drug companies and medical device manufacturers. Call 800-719-9763 or contact us online at our offices in Washington, D.C. for your free consultation.