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Nationwide Medical Malpractice Lawyers Carry on National Practice

Boutique firm dedicated to obtaining compensation for medical negligence

Injuries caused by medical malpractice can be devastating. Patients receive inadequate care, suffer horrific injuries and even die due to careless doctors. If you or your loved one has suffered from the negligence of a physician, hospital or other care giver, you chances of fair compensation may depend upon the assistance of an accomplished attorney. We have a combined 40 years of experience dealing with cases of medical malpractice nationwide. We provide the professional attention you need to pursue just compensation for your injuries.

Determined advocates for victims of range of medical errors

Doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, dentists or other healthcare providers are required to adhere to professionally accepted standards of care. Malpractice occurs when the standard of care is breached and the breach causes injury. This can occur when medical professionals:

  • Fail to properly diagnose a medical condition — One of the most common ways people suffer from medical negligence is through misdiagnosis. Whether it was due to a failure to order the proper tests or to some other act of misjudgment, improper or delayed diagnosis can cause serious injuries to patients.
  • Prescribe the wrong drugs or fail to consider drug interactions — Errors in prescriptions can worsen existing medical conditions if the doctor does not order appropriate tests to monitor the drugs’ effects on the patient.
  • Make surgical errors — Surgical mistakes can be obvious, such as performing an incorrect or improper surgery, or hidden, such as leaving instruments or other foreign objects inside a patient. If you’ve undergone surgery and have concerns that it resulted in complications, you should consult a legal professional promptly and get an independent medical examination.
  • Fail to prevent infant injury at birth — One type of malpractice that can have lifelong consequences is medical error made during pregnancy or delivery. We have experience helping parents recover for severe birth injuries such as brain damage, cerebral palsy or paralysis caused by brachial plexus damage.

At Capitol Legal, we know how to evaluate potential claims for damages in all of these situations and to create winning strategies for recovery of damages for the resultant out-of-pocket costs as well as for pain and suffering.

We also represent elderly individuals seeking to recover compensation for abuse and neglect suffered at the hands of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other care providers.

Call us for experienced representation in medical malpractice cases

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligence of a physician, care provider or other medical professional, you’re entitled to just compensation. How long you have to file suit varies from state to state, so call Capitol Legal promptly at 800-719-9763 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.